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Updated: May 7, 2021


Let me introduce you to Behind The Veil Music, an acoustic duo who believe in the power that live music has, to make your day not only unique but memorable. Jake and Amy have poured their lives into their craft and it absolutely shows in their performances. Whether you are looking for live music to bring your ceremony and canapes to life or need some harmonising vocals to entertain your guests all night long, these two are for you.

I first met Amy at a wedding ceremony at Howard vineyards, she was this warm and vibrant young lady with a voice well beyond her years. I was so impressed with her professionalism and ability to transform the feel of the afternoon. Fast-forward to 2020 after having performed many ceremonies with Amy, I arrived to find Amy in love and part of a duo – Behind The Veil Music. A voice that I did not think could be better was suddenly complimented by this handsome guitarist who was performing gorgeous harmonies to compliment Amy’s silky vocals.

Jake and Amy have quickly become recognised as one of Adelaide’s best wedding duo’s. When I asked Jake and Amy what they loved about performing at weddings they said ‘the whole day, truly. But if we had to pick, our favourite moment is when the couple see each other for the first time. There is truly nothing like it. This is the moment, the moment they have waited for, happening right before your eyes. It’s gorgeous.’

Live music has a way of taking a ceremony to the next level, I cannot describe it, it just brings all the feels. And when couples make that commitment, they are never disappointed. Behind The Veil Music’s couples rave about them, about how easy they were to deal with, their professionalism and most importantly how they made their guests feel on the day.

If you are considering live music for your wedding day, and even if you’re not, I encourage you to listen to Behind The Veil Music….. their music speaks for itself.


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