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It is time to talk about the unsung heroes of the wedding industry, the wedding ninja’s. The teams that arrive well before any of your guests, make it look magical and then some how pack it all away without ever being seen. Introducing Adelaide Wedding Hire, the go to team for all your wedding aesthetics and set ups.

Adelaide Wedding Hire was inspired and brought to life by husband and wife duo Ingrid and Shane Carter. From the experience of planning their very own wedding the dream was born to create elegant and affordable wedding supplies that were hassle free for their clients. The pair were used to running multi-million-dollar businesses for other people and after the birth of their daughter Skyla, it only made sense to venture out together. They now manage one of Adelaide’s biggest wedding hire companies, from ceremony packages including chairs and arbours to everything you need for your reception, right down to the knives and forks. A wedding can be expensive and stressful and the team at Adelaide Wedding Hire have worked hard to deliver some of the best prices in the Adelaide Market without comprising elegance and customer service. Their product range is extensive, and their website is extremely user friendly.

If you are looking for someone to bring your ceremony to life or a local business that can DIY your entire wedding day then I encourage you to enquire with Ingrid, Shane and the amazing team at Adelaide Wedding Hire.

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