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Updated: May 24, 2018


I first met Dave a few years ago at Coriole Winery in the McLaren Vale, when we were working on Tom and Julia’s wedding together. He was so polite and such a pleasure to be around. He had a relaxed energy that made me feel comfortable and I could tell instantly he was one of the good ones.

Choosing a photographer can be very overwhelming. Firstly, you need to like their work and secondly you want to like them as a person, after all you spend more time with your photographer then any other person on your wedding day. Well let me tell you….. you will like Dave. He’s so calm, so relaxed, so easy and so bloody good at his job.

Dave’s passion for photography began when he was travelling through his twenties. He bought a point n shoot to make memories on his first trip, before eventually moving to an SLR. When he returned to Adelaide he started assisting Luke Simon (one of my other favourite photographers) and organically his love and ability grew until he went solo.

Dave loves shooting weddings. From the pre-wedding nerves, to the positive energy on the day, to the buzz that he feels well beyond his job being done. You only have to see him in action once to appreciate the connection he makes with his couples. And they rave about him – not that Dave would ever tell you that, he’s way too humble.

When I asked Dave what made him different to other photographers he said ‘I couldn’t say. I think we all see the world differently though and your own life experiences shape this world view. This affects your photography. The way you see and the way you interact with, and treat people in general.’

So, what does the future hold for this positive genuine guy? He intends to continue focusing on weddings and growing not only his brand but his talent. He hopes that creating the right branding will connect him with like minded positive, relaxed, happy couples with a sense of humour and appreciation of high quality photography.

Away from the camera Dave is happily married with two boys. He lives near the beach and enjoys surfing, traveling and the sun. He appreciates the simple things in life. If he could be anywhere he would be with his wife and children, barefoot in the sand, sun shining, listening to music and enjoying a good beer. Good times and good people is what Dave is all about.

If you are looking for an amazing wedding photographer then you need to check out Dave.




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