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This month I am absolutely delighted to talk about a beautiful Australian based company called Neon Collective. Owned and operated by husband and wife duo Jess and Jake, Neon Collective continues to grow in popularity for all occasions but especially weddings.

There is something about a beautifully designed bright neon that brings out your inner child, whether at a birthday party, a hen’s day or a back drop to the wedding reception. When you have a neon at your event you know it’s going to be your first point of call for a selfie, it will look epic on your socials and you have something very special to keep for years to come.

Jess and Jake realised there was a gap in the neon market when they were researching to buy one for their son’s bedroom. They struggled to find custom made neon’s that were affordable and easy to design and buy. And so, the idea for Neon Collective was born. They started an Instagram page, posted photos, put some time into wedding expo’s and offered affordable neon’s to local businesses. Initially they drove the business entirely through social media until they built their website and transitioned into custom made neon’s.

If you have attended a wedding this season it’s highly likely you have seen one of Jess and Jake’s gorgeous neon’s on display. At the end of the aisle, behind the bridal table, on the dance floor, in the photobooth…. the possibilities are endless. Couples are using them to display their married names, their wedding theme or something simple that ties their entire day together.

If you are planning any kind of event, I encourage you to check out the Neon Collective online. A highly recommended business that has been used by couples and companies all over Australia. Reliable, affordable and beautifully made. But don’t take my word for it…. Check out their amazing neons at



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