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Alex Johnson and Terri Feil are the brother and sister duo that make up the amazingly talented Little Big Words. They have been singing together for as long as they can remember and decided to take it up professionally after performing live at a friend’s wedding ceremony when Alex was just 16. You will struggle to find a duo as in sync as these two which I’m sure is a result of their relationship as siblings.

Alex and Terri love being involved in weddings. From the honour of playing music while the bride walks down the aisle to the fun of creating the perfect party dancefloor later in the night. And reading their reviews I can tell you that their couples love them just as much. Little Big Words are a highlight of the day and will have your guests crying, smiling and dancing their butts off all within a few hours.

Little Big Words are so fun and easy going but at the same time extremely professional. They have a huge song list and an even bigger sound. Alex has a soothing, Jack Johnson-esque voice, and Terri has a belty, soulful rnb sound - and somehow together it creates something very special.

One of my favourite things about this duo is their free open-house rehearsals. They understand the importance of choosing the right music style for your big day and if an audio or video clip doesn’t cut it, no worries…. They’ll invite you to a rehearsal. Their couples normally take this opportunity to request their favourite songs and Alex and Terri love it.

When I asked them what they had planned for the future, they humbly replied ‘to be honest we just want to keep playing music at weddings in Adelaide. We're super busy with bookings, so we're grateful for the love and support from so many SA couples’.

Little Big Words are an acoustic duo who are like heaven to the ears, if you are planning a wedding and don’t yet have entertainment…. You need to check them out.

Ph: 0428 556 599

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