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Friends of Adelaide, it’s time to meet Dani Bartlett.....

Photo by Luke John Photography

This gorgeous woman has recently moved home to Adelaide from Hong Kong, where she lived for six years with her pilot husband. The great thing about this situation is, we have another amazing photographer in our mix and she is ready to fill her wedding calendar with awesome couples. So, let me tell you more about her. Dani is a dog loving, jumpsuit wearing, netball playing, scuba diver who enjoys a good hug. She is a fellow lover of love and feels so lucky to be able to combine that with her other love…. Photography.

Dani was a self-confessed photo hoarder growing up. She loved collecting all kinds of photos, even of people she didn’t know. She continues to love the way a photo can capture a moment yet provoke completely different emotions and meaning to different people. Her love of photos progressed to a love of photography and after purchasing her first camera at a young age her obsession spiralled.

After many years of experimenting Dani started conducting professional photo shoots, until one day a friend asked her to capture her wedding. That was the beginning of her wedding photographer career and it has snow balled ever since. When I asked Dani what her favourite part of a wedding day is, she said ‘Don’t make me choose this! It’s not something I can pin point, every part of a wedding day is different and every couple does it differently. Ceremonies are always a beautiful time; bride & groom portrait sessions are so special because they allow the newlyweds to just enjoy each other for an hour without the distraction of anyone else and the reception is just fun times to be had by all!’

Dani’s main aim is to always capture those magic moments on the wedding day, she likes to see herself as a fly on the wall. Capturing people in their element in a documentary approach. She says ‘sometimes that’s clean and sometimes it’s messy and in my head, that’s ok because that’s what’s going on in front of me.’

Couples love the natural feel of Dani’s photos and the way she makes them feel so relaxed. She likes her shoots to be friendly but not heavily posed and I think that shows in your amazing work. She’s a beautiful person inside and out and it’s been an absolute honour getting to know this lovely lady.

Photo by Dani Bartlett

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