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Updated: Apr 30, 2019


I first met Billy, from Adelaide DJ Services, after a wedding ceremony at Glen Ewin Estate. Billy came early, to set up for the reception, so that he could watch Dan & Andrea’s ceremony and share in their entire day. I was really impressed with Billy’s passion for his work and the genuinely nice person he was. As a fellow drummer (ok so I may have only made it to year 8 level but who’s judging) one of the things that excited me during this conversation was Billy’s explanation of DJ Fusion. Imagine having live percussion playing with the DJ. At the time I hadn’t heard of anything like this and had definitely never seen it…. So I was mesmerised with the idea. Not only was Billy offering a professional DJ and MC service, he could also include live percussion. This led me to think, what else could this guy do?

Billy’s story isn’t like most. This guy has worked really hard to get where he is. From studying at the Elder Conservatorium of Music in Adelaide, teaching music in both Adelaide and Melbourne, to more recently visiting the United States to train with some of the top wedding MC’s in the world. Billy is a member of the DJ Alliance of Australasia and is devoted to ongoing education as an MC and DJ. He is constantly striving to improve in order to offer his couples the most professional service.

Billy has been involved in the music scene since he was a teenager. He has played drums and percussion in bands throughout most of Melbourne and Adelaide and started DJing, kind of by accident, when one of the schools he was teaching at bought some Pioneer CDJs and asked him to teach the kids how to use the decks. He fell in love with the art of DJing and hasn’t looked back since.

In 2009 Billy found his love of weddings. He knew that he could offer something more than the big agency “one size fits all service” and there was born Adelaide DJ Services. Known for their personal attention to detail, Adelaide DJ Services has become one of Adelaide’s most sought after professional DJ and MC service and is committed to the highest excellence in entertainment

When I asked Billy why he chose weddings, he said ‘I love, love. I know it sounds corny, but really, two people meeting and falling in love that is really amazing! I no longer do other types of events; just weddings. It is where my passion lies. Even when I am not providing music for the ceremony, I turn up early to watch it. Seeing the ceremony allows me to be more connected with a couple and the guests at the reception.’

One thing I do regret about my wedding is not doing more research into the reception entertainment. Don't get me wrong my wedding was super awesome and marrying my husband was one of the best days of my life, I just wish I had done my research instead of being so fixated on the budget. The DJ/band and most importantly the MC, can make or break the entire mood of your wedding. Perhaps if I had taken a little more time I could have had an amazing DJ and MC like Billy and perhaps even DJ Fusion. I so would have loved playing those drums in my wedding dress! As Billy puts it so well ‘When you are looking for entertainment remember to shop for value not price. This is your special event. Don't risk ruining it by low cost, unprofessional services. Take the time to ask questions and review all your options.’

If you are looking for a DJ, an MC or even the excitement of some added live percussion then check out Adelaide DJ Services. Billy is fun, refined and contemporary. His knowledge of music and dance floors allow him to mix a blend of old and new music and keep the party going. He’s talented, he’s smart and he’s one of the good guys. His amazing reviews speak for themselves, so go and have a stalk.

Phone: 0412 864 455

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