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Let me introduce you to one of Adelaide’s sweetest photographers – Emma Faith. If you scroll through her Instagram account you will see she’s a very talented photographer. With an amazing ability to capture raw moments in a candid way, her use of light makes even the darkest moments seen bright and happy.

Emma’s love of photography started when her late father handed her a polaroid camera at age 4. She was intrigued by the process and ability to capture moments. Photography was a passion she shared with her Dad until he sadly passed away in 2013. Yet still to this day it reminds her of him and how grateful she is that she has been able to turn their mutual passion into a thriving career.

Working with Emma is an absolute dream, she has a calm energy that is hard not to absorb and her shooting style is so sneaky and un-intrusive. My favourite thing about Emma is that she doesn’t force a pose, she has a way of helping her couples relax and enjoy the moment. She captures wedding stories in a way that couples can look back at their images and remember how they felt. And that’s always her goal, to capture what the day really felt like.

Away from the camera Emma is a doughnut loving, overall wearing, coffee drinking gal. She loves finding the best coffee shops in Adelaide (hit her up for any recommendations) and could easily spend all day in a local op shop hunting for vintage threads.

This year she recently married her school sweetheart, Jordan, and this has fuelled her passion for weddings even more. From the moment her couples see each other for the first time to the speeches – weddings are her jam and she loves them. If you are looking for a photographer who will blend in with your guests, get to know your family and friends, and probably have a little boogie with you on the d-floor then Emma Faith is the lady for you.

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