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Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Lawns of The Middleton Beach Huts. Photo by Sven Studio.


Everyone in South Australia has driven past the Middleton Beach Huts at one point in their life, everyone has heard about them….. but do you really know what they offer? I did my first wedding at the Middleton Beach Huts at the end of 2018 and I was blown away. Another one of those ‘why didn’t I know about this place when I got married’ moments. If you are looking for a destination wedding or you just want a wedding that feels relaxed and fun then you definitely need to check out the Middleton Beach Huts.

Dave and Haylie, in partnership with Haylie’s parents Graham & Denise Duff, purchased the Middleton Beach Huts, formally known as Middleton Grain Store in 2002. Since then have completely revamped the venue. They have renovated the restaurant, constructed 12 new huts, built a central village hall, laid a tennis court and created new car parks. But the work doesn’t stop for them, they are continually renovating and updating the huts to keep them modern and fresh. The thing I love most about these 12 beach huts is that they are all named after famous beaches and are completely different, interior design is obviously a focus. Haylie has a passion for colour and decorating, mix that with Graham and Denise’s extensive knowledge and experience in the restoration and antique industry and there you have it – attractive huts with all the mod cons that have an eclectic mix of new and old to create a beautiful charm.

The award-winning restaurant, known as ‘Blues Restaurant’ has been leased and managed separately since 2004. Known for its fine dining, extensive wine list and friendly atmosphere, Blues Restaurant is the perfect way to impress your guests post ceremony. This venue really has it all. Perfectly manicured lawns and gardens for your ceremony, immaculate accommodation overlooking the lawns, a village hall to host your after-ceremony drinks and canapes and an award-winning restaurant for your reception.

With 12 beach huts available your closest friends and family can stay there as well. It really does transform a wedding into a beautiful weekend away. You all have your own space to escape to but can come together for dinner the night before, a hit of tennis or drinks on the lawn. There is a real energy of love, support and closeness when you attend weddings at The Middleton Beach Huts.

When you speak to couples who have been married at the Middle Beach Huts, they will tell you that it is the perfect location to have your wedding. The staff are helpful and friendly and it is a naturally relaxed environment. They also love that they don’t have to leave, they wake up in the amazing accommodation, get married and have drinks on the lawns and dinner in Blues restaurant. The closeness of the facilities means that couples will be surrounded by their loved ones and everyone can truly let their hair down and relax.

If you are still looking for a wedding venue, then you need to check out the Middle Beach Huts. Why not even book a hut for the weekend and test it out, I know you won’t be disappointed.

Marty and Lauren saying 'I do' at The Middleton Beach Huts. Photo by Sven Studio.



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