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Sometimes in life you meet people who you instantly gel with. For me Alannah and Anthony from Little Darling Films are a perfect example of that. They are so down to earth, friendly and easy going and their calmness creates a beautiful energy. I know if I was going to get married again that is exactly the type of supplier I would want around me on my wedding day.

My first encounter with Little Darling Films was about a year ago when we were both working at the ceremony of Enrico and Jade at Marybank in Rostrevor. I was the puffy pregnant celebrant and Alannah was the gorgeous and glowing pregnant videographer. I soon learnt that Alannah and Anthony are not only the faces behind Little Darling Films, they are a husband and wife duo. They were true professionals in the seamless and non-intrusive way they operated, they knew exactly what to do and where to be without even communicating with each other. I’m sure that’s one of the many advantages of working with someone you know so well.

Little Darling Films was born in 2015 when journalist Alannah James was tired of working for a newspaper and wanted to get in touch with her creative side. She began filming weddings for family and friends and using her journalism experience was able to transform her raw footage into intimate and emotional stories. Her husband Anthony had a background in IT and before long she had enticed him to join the team. Anthony helped to build on the tech side of the business introducing many camera’s, drones and gimbals and naturally became the ‘solve any IT problem’ guy. They really are the perfect combo, not only do you know you will get quality footage, you will have your story told in the most romantic and authentic way. The ‘story telling’ part is such a strong focus and I know that because I constantly cry watching their videos, even when I don’t know the couple.

When these two aren’t at a wedding or editing their footage, you will find them brunching with their gorgeous 8-month-old son Xavier and their two mini schnauzers Kylo & Darcy. They also share a passion for living a toxic free life, making most of their own cleaning and beauty products. (Maybe that’s why Alannah glowed through pregnancy and I puffed?!?)

I could talk all day about how lovely Little Darling Films are but to really understand how amazing they are all you need to do is see their work.

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