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When I first met Glenn I wanted to give him a big fat cuddle. He has such a warm and genuine energy that makes you feel like you are safe and well looked after. In a world that can sometimes be filled with negativity, Glenn is a ray of positive sunshine. He has high morals and strong values but also oozes a wonderful zest for life.

Luckily before I met Glenn I had stalked him on social media and knew that he was also an amazing photographer. A belief that has only grown since working with him. Glenn’s love of photography started after he purchased his first Canon F1 35mm film camera. He was working in theatre in Sydney and loved the idea that he could freeze a moment in time, a feeling that still motivates him today.

He was then contacted to shoot a wedding. He remembers being there, in the moment, documenting the day, filled with emotion. And that was it…. He was hooked on weddings. From that day he honed his skills to not just see emotions but to anticipate them, to know when they are coming. To be technically efficient to capture them as they happen. He fell in love with the whole concept of a wedding and hasn’t looked back.

When I asked him what his favourite moment of the wedding day is, he said ‘when you get to photograph the faces on your couples when they first see each other down the aisle – it’s as honest as it gets. I have seen many couples with tears of joy at this point of their day. You can’t help it and nor would you, becoming emotional in front of 20, 60 or 150 guests is a strength, not a weakness. It is a beautiful honesty in anyone. I love this part of the day.’

Glenn’s couple’s rave about him, from his ‘nice guy’ personality to his natural talent as a photographer. As one of his couples so perfectly said ‘Thank you Glenn for taking such extraordinary pictures of otherwise ordinary people.’ Glen is so grateful to be a wedding photographer and to be able to share amazing moments with wonderful people.

If you are looking for a hard-working honest photographer who will make you feel super relaxed on your wedding day, then I recommend you contact Glenn.



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