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Pike & Joyce wines… where do I start? Amazing wine, award winning food, staff that treat you like you are the only person in the room and that view…. That view!!! If you haven’t been to Pike and Joyce I suggest you book yourself in for a weekend lunch service and treat yourself to this absolute beauty.

This venue is one close to my heart, my husband and I had our first date here as new parents after our son was born and 18mths later I celebrated my 30th birthday here with my girlfriends. I was 5 weeks pregnant with my daughter at the time and

the staff helped me sneakily fill my champagne glass with soft drink. They were so kind and so accommodating.

My third visit to Pike and Joyce was to marry the lovely Sean and Sam. It was the first time interacting with Pike and Joyce as a supplier and I was so impressed. Nothing was too hard. Sean and Sam were at the focus of everything they did that day. Storm clouds were rolling in and within minutes they had multiple back up options…. All still including that stunning view as the backdrop. We made the decision to postpone the ceremony by fifteen minutes as the rain was expected to clear. Without hesitation the staff started serving drinks, it was obvious that the most important thing to Pike and Joyce was the comfort and happiness of Sean and his guests. I was very impressed.

Pike and Joyce have been hosting weddings since February 2015 and they pride themselves on offering each couple a tailored wedding to reflect their style and taste, not a one size fits all package. They also provide couples with exclusive use of the venue, so they can solely focus on ensuring guests’ needs are attended to from the time they arrive until they leave. And one of my favourite things about Pike and Joyce is that they limit their weddings every year. It’s not a production line, your wedding truly is special and a huge focus for their staff. The demand to host more weddings is increasing every year as more and more couples hear about their venue, but at this stage they have the perfect balance between servicing their regular tasting room and restaurant customers and keeping their wedding’s exclusive and special.

The team at Pike and Joyce love hosting weddings. From seeing guests faces when they come through the gates and see the view for the first time, to hearing about each couple’s journey and building strong relationships. The relationship doesn’t end when the wedding day is over, Pike and Joyce love hearing from their couples, whether they’re visiting for an anniversary or special occasion or bringing a new addition in to meet the team.

If you are looking for an Adelaide Hills venue with an amazing dining offer, and a view to die for then look no further. Welcome to Pike & Joyce.

Photo by Joshua Kane Photography
Photo by Joshua Kane Photography

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