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Updated: Sep 10, 2019

The marriage celebrant plays a very important part in your wedding day, they will be there guiding you through one of the most intimate moments in your life. They are also responsible for setting the scene on the day and for helping to deliver a ceremony that is perfectly ‘you’.

This being said I believe the most important thing when choosing a celebrant is your connection with them. You need to be confident that your celebrant will understand you and be able to tell your story. I think it’s also pretty important you like them as a person, you will spend a lot of time with your celebrant in the lead up to your wedding day and that time should be fun.

3 steps to find the right celebrant:

1. Research, research, research. Look online and ask people you know. Personal recommendations are really important because it means someone has already seen them in action and it gives a good insight into their style.

2. Contact your favourite celebrant. Once you have confirmed that your celebrant is available it’s important to meet with them, either via skype or in person. From that meeting you want to understand:

1) What is involved in the marriage process, how many times will you need to meet with your celebrant and what is legally required?

2) How will they create the perfect ceremony for you and how can you help personalise it?

3) Do you feel comfortable with the celebrant, can you relate to each other and does the conversation flow easily?

Here are some questions you may like to consider asking them:

· Where will you stand?

· What will you wear? (They should respect colours/patterns you don’t want them to wear)

· Are there any hidden expenses?

· Do you provide a PA system?

· Will you do a rehearsal with us?

· Do you do more than one wedding a day? If so what time do you allocate between them?

· Will you help us write our vows / do you have resources we can use?

3. Decision time. I am confident that by this stage you already know exactly who you want to marry you. It’s likely you knew as soon as you met them. If you can’t decide between two then go back and look through their reviews, there are nearly 9,000 non-religious marriage celebrants in Australia, when you meet them…. You will know.

Happy celebrant hunting.

*Photo: Love and other photography


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