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Let me start by saying WELL DONE!! Whether you have been forced into writing your own vows or genuinely appreciate the need for it, I’m proud of you.

It’s likely that you will never again stand up in front of your loved ones and declare your love in such an intimate way so it’s important to take this opportunity seriously.

Pre writing tips

1. Agree with your partner on the length and feel of your vows.

2. Start a notes page in your phone dedicated to vow writing material. If your partner does something you love, write it in there. If you have a thought about why you want to marry them or the promises you want to make, write it in there. By the time it comes to writing your vows you will have lots of content and the only thing left to do is arrange it.

3. If you are feeling it then start writing. Vows can take a very long time to perfect, so start early, give it a few tries and don’t put pressure on yourself.

4. Ask your celebrant for examples. Most celebrants are happy to help with writing vows.

Let’s get started!

Map out the flow. Start with a reflection, things you’re thankful for, things you promise and finish with your hopes for the future.

Now add in your examples and there you have it… personal vows.

See not that hard – you’ve got this!!

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