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Danielle Symes Photography

One of the best wedding photos I have ever seen was taken by Danielle Symes which makes her an obvious supplier of the month for me. I have had the honour of working with Danielle on a number of occasions and the first thing that always shines through is her warm and comforting energy. She is gorgeous and a pleasure to be around and most importantly an outstanding photographer.

Danielle’s career in photographer started when she was taking photos of the clothes in her clothing boutique for her online store. Over time she found herself getting more and more excited about shoot day and eventually took the leap of faith and made that her focus. Initially she was taking photos of families, new born babies and events until her friend asked her to shoot her wedding. She was obviously amazing at it and some of her photos were re-grammed across social media. From there her wedding career grew organically, before she knew it she had girls calling her and requesting her services.

When I asked Danielle what she loved about shooting weddings she said ‘This will sound so corny but I love seeing loved up couples that just can’t keep their hands off each other. Couples that are just so god dam happy to be getting married and can’t stop smiling. It makes me think of my wedding day and how in love I was…. It gives me all the feels.’

Danielle is wonderful at capturing all the perfect moments couples share and the moments they don’t even know are happening. Every photographer has a different style and editing process which makes choosing your photographer so important. Danielle’s experience in fashion has given her a strong eye for attention to detail. She is very talented at finding the right angles and people’s best features. You can tell through her work that she also loves laughter, her relaxed, casual laughing photos are some of the best.

So, who is Danielle away from the camera? She’s a wife of 17 years to her childhood sweetheart and together they have two children, Harper who is 5 years old and Charlie who is 15 months old. They also have two 13-year-old rescue dogs who will always be their original babies. She is very appreciative of the work life balance she has and is focussed on ensuring she can spend time with her children during these important years. The more I get to know Danielle the more I am in awe of her – she is a beautiful human, a strong woman and an absolute talent.

If you think Danielle sounds like someone you would like to share in your special day then do yourself a favour and have a look at her amazing work. She has a wonderful reputation in the wedding industry and her work really does speak for itself.

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