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Meet Kevin Murphy and Olivia Hand, the happy couple and talented duo behind Blackbird Wedding Productions. I first met Kevin and Olivia in April 2019, for Matt and Bec’s wedding and instantly connected with them. They were warm, friendly and full of smiles – my kind of people. The first thing I did after meeting them was obviously stalk them on social media and I was so happy to discover that these beautiful people were also very talented.

Kevin and Olivia have spent the last two years working in Ireland. Kevin was an established videographer and photographer and Olivia became his trusted second shooter. After working on a few weddings together they realised that this was exactly what they wanted to be doing. They spent hours analysing wedding videos, identifying the elements they connected with and the parts that didn’t work as well. This helped them to discover their style and over time they have created a product that is known to be natural yet creative. They steer away from forced smiles and have a real focus for capturing the relationship and chemistry between couples.

Blackbird Wedding Productions have a documentary style, they value the narrative in a story line and believe it helps viewers connect emotionally. When choosing a videographer, I think this is a really important detail to consider, not all videographers include audio in their footage. Neither is wrong or right, they are just styles, but don’t assume your vows and wedding speeches will always be included. Blackbird Wedding Products however think audio is a priority and ensure the most magical moments from your wedding day can be heard over and over again.

Kevin and Olivia love what they do. They find wedding videography incredibly satisfying and meaningful. They don’t take their role for granted and feel extremely privileged to be invited in to people’s lives to document their story and the celebration of their love. Their couples love how easy they make the day and rave about the gorgeous video’s they create. They’re not just videographers, they’re storytellers and they’re very good at it.

I encourage you to have a look at their website and review their work. If you’re not 100% sold on the idea of a videographer I’m sure you will be after this.

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