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This month I am so excited to introduce my very first venue, The Manor Basket Range. Formally known as Camelot Castle this venue has just undergone a multimillion dollar refurbishment and is a must see for your wedding venue shortlist.

If you are familiar with Camelot Castle then like me you are thinking ‘finally someone has invested in that gorgeous building’. It had almost everything going for it, gorgeous 1930’s castle – TICK, only 30-minute drive from the CBD – TICK, cutest little chapel you ever did see – TICK and then you opened the gorgeous hard wood doors and were welcomed with peach walls and dark creepy hallways. Well I am happy to report that peach has been replaced with fresh white and dark creepy hallways no longer exist. The unique castle that takes your breath away on the outside is now met with a bright rustic refined charm on the inside. It is an amazing venue unparalleled in South Australia.

Naomi and Marcus are the masterminds behind this beautiful venue and they are gorgeous. Down to earth, easy going, successful and professional. They are already well regarded in the SA hospitality industry with establishments including The Anchorage Hotel and The Soho Hotel, so you can relax knowing you are in safe hands.

Together they have created 12 modern accommodation units, function rooms, gardens and terraces and are on track to open a cellar door show casing some of the smaller local wineries. They have already hosted numerous weddings and are quickly booking up for next season. If you or anyone you know has recently got engaged you must tell them about The Manor Basket Range.

762 Lobethal Road, Basket Range

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