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MOTHERS DAY SPECIAL! We all have that special lady in our life.... our Mum, Grandma, Aunty or maybe it’s a family friend. The legendary woman that has helped to guide us through our life and will continue to well beyond our wedding day.

Your wedding day is without doubt one of the most important days in your life.... what you may have overlooked is that it’s also one of the biggest days in your Mums (and all parents) life. There are so many wonderful ways you can thank and honour your Mum (and Dad but this is a Mother’s Day special so let’s focus on Mum) throughout your wedding day.

Before the day is even here there are lots of ways you can include Mum in the process. Wedding dress shopping, mother of the bride dress shopping, bridal fairs and inviting her to enjoy the same pampering that you do in the lead up to the big day. I’m sure your Mum will love every minute of it.

Here are my top 10 ways to include your Mum in your wedding day.

  1. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.... why not use one of these to honour your Mum. Incorporate something from her wedding day in to yours... jewellery, veil, parts of her dress. There are lots of very creative ways to use pieces of her old dress - make it into jewellery, wrap your bouquet in it or make a garter.

  2. Give Mum a corsage to wear. You may also like to buy her a thank you gift to remember the day by. If you can’t find the perfect gift before your wedding then maybe a keepsake from the day. A framed photo of you both on your wedding day or perhaps a piece of jewellery made from your bouquet or dress.

  3. Hang old wedding photos from the chairs facing the aisle. Starting with your parents and partners parents wedding day and continue to grandparents and great grandparents wedding day photo. If this won’t work for your ceremony you could display the photos on a table at your reception.

  4. Flower girl.... what about Flower Mums? Have your Mums walk down the aisle throwing petals as the flower girls. I love this idea for Grandmas. How cute would it be seeing your Grandmas as your flower girls.

  5. Include your Mum in the processional. She could walk the entire way with Dad, meet you half way and walk through the seated area only or even be seated up the front and move forward to unveil you, kiss you and shake your partners hand as you arrive with your Dad.

  6. Ask your celebrant to thank your parents during the ceremony. They can also ask all parents to stand and give permission in the marriage.

  7. Share a reading during the ceremony. Allow her to choose it as a surprise on the day and explain why she chose it.

  8. Lighting of the unity candles ceremony. Invite both Mums up to light a candle for their respective families, you and your partner then take your family candles and use those to light a new candle. The new candle represents your new family that is established on your wedding day.

  9. Ask your Mums to bless your rings during the ceremony before they are exchanged... why not have them bring the rings up too.

  10. Witness to your marriage. To legally marry you need two witnesses of age who are of sound mind. Mums would make great witnesses and the photos of them signing with you will be very sentimental.

Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to have their Mum there on their wedding day. And although there may be some other special women in your life you might like to honour with one of the above ideas there are also some nice ways to remember your Mum on the day, here are my top 6.

  1. Leave a seat empty in the front row in honour of where your Mum should be sitting.

  2. Light a candle and leave it to burn throughout the ceremony.

  3. Ask your celebrant to mention your Mum during the ceremony.

  4. Wear something of Mums, it doesn’t have to be from her wedding day, just something that reminds you of her.

  5. Have a photo of her with you - in a locket, tied to your bouquet or in the front row.

  6. Ask your photographer if they can digitally impose a picture of your Mum into one of your wedding day photos. It’s a faded inclusion that looks like your Mums was there in spirit.

You only have one Mum so make sure you include her on the journey. And if she has advice.... it’s probably worth listening to. I learnt that the hard way when I didn’t wear in my wedding shoes like Mum told me. Eek!!

The truth is, your Mum probably won’t expect any of the above but she would definitely appreciate it. After all she’s legally handing you over to your forever partner and that is going to be something she will never forget. We love you Mums!

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